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The ABI OXYGEN RELEASE FORMULATION provides a continuous source of slow release oxygen to enhance the growth of beneficial microbes and enhance the bio-remediation process in ponds and lakes. The formulation provides a continuous supply of in situations where mechanical aeration is not readily available or feasible.

In large ponds or lakes increased oxygen supply is beneficial to the growth of microbes that naturally help to improve water clarity and reduce the unsightly green slime. The formulation will dramatically increase dissolved oxygen levels and facilitate microbial reproduction and efficiency. This formulation can be used with surface and sub - surface mechanical aeration devices for pond and lake management. When eutrophic conditions exist a large increase in the volume of oxygen is extremely beneficial and mechanical aeration along with our Oxygen Release Formulation is suggested.

Our formulation also controls and inhibits the release of hydrogen sulfide and other foul odors by increasing the levels of dissolved oxygen thereby enhancing the production of aerobic beneficial bacteria and controlling the production anaerobic bacteria, responsible for the foul odors. Our formulation is a cost effective solution to improve the natural production of microbes in the pond or lake when existing oxygen levels are low.


Pond and Lake Management: Apply 10 lbs. per acre - foot of water (330,000 gallons). Evenly distribute product over entire surface of the pond or lake. Apply monthly or until Clear Pond Bacteria Clarifier has improved water clarity. This will increase the pH of the water to alkaline. Test pH of water prior to application process. If the water pH is over 8.5 prior to application of product, use 1 lb. per acre and monitor pH before reapplying. You do not want your water to have a pH any higher than 9 or Microbial Based Pond Clarifier will begin to loose some of its effectiveness.