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CLEAR POND DRY contains a high concentration of many strains of beneficial bacteria and enzymes with great capability for digesting organic wastes, including cellulose material, fish feces, uneaten or poorly digested food, etc.

Best conditions for use:

  • pH 6.5 to 8.5
  • Water temperature 45 degrees F to 95 degrees F.
  • Dissolved oxygen levels of 8 ppm and up, the more the better.
  • Do not feed fish for the first 4 to6 days after using CLEAR POND. Then half of normal feeding for 2 or more days. This gives the bacteria a good start at cleaning up the available nutrients that cause algae and foul odor.
  • Do not use CLEAR POND for 72 hours after use of any antibiotic or caustic.
  • Fertilizers will inhibit the benefits of CLEAR POND bacteria and greater doses will be needed.

Moisture should never penetrate the container or it will activate and spoil.


Initial seeding of dry is 4 to 6 pounds per acre foot, depending upon water conditions. Apply again in one week and then two weeks later. If water conditions have deteriorated apply double the initial dose weekly for three weeks.

Maintenance: 2 lbs. per acre foot every 3 to 4 weeks. If ammonia is also a problem, use one gallon of CLEAR POND LIQUID BSL. (Bacteria should be added continuously because they can be washed away in flowing systems, or they die faster than they can reproduce. By adding more on a consistent basis, you ensure a sufficient amount of needed bacteria to maintain a healthy balanced system.)


  • Creates a healthy pond environment
  • A marked improvement in oxygen content and pH stabilizing at the 7 to 8 range
  • A noticeable reduction in the sludge, buildup of waterfowl and fish waste, breaks down dead algae
  • An obvious clearing of the water itself and greater visibility looking down into the water
  • A lack of offensive odors emanating from the water
  • The fish will exhibit more activity and probably increased appetite
  • Less fish stress, less disease and less mortality


In a clean vessel containing 2 to 5 gallons of pond water allow CLEAR POND DRY to soak about 30 minutes. Thereafter, stir and agitate well, then from shore or boat, throw soupy mixture out into pond or lake. (CLEAR POND LIQUID BSL can be used directly in the pond or lake without having to mix with pond water). Disperse around the pond or lake, being sure to put where wastes are thickest. (If using a bio-filter in ponds under 25,000 gal. put 25% of the dosage into the filter directly.) For best results use both DRY and LIQUID CLEAR POND into initial seeding of the water.

Since ecological conditions differ in individual ponds and lakes, we recommend treatments be heavier and more frequent in hot weather and that experimentation and record keeping will be helpful in the final determination of exact quantities to use. Because we cannot control the conditions of the individual ponds, we are not responsible for loss or injury to animate material in the pond.